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We believe that a unique combination of mental health and environmental awareness is what will push this generation beyond the expectations of the last. Join us in making a change, join the generation.

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Our Muse

As three high school students obsessed with the idea of our community, we began to dig deep into the problems within our city and realized it was all from ignorance. From a young age, all three of us have been taught the value of giving back and the magic that comes from a true and sincere relationship. Working with the kids in the Bhakti Luhur autistic home, we were introduced to the unique kids we know today. The spark in their eyes was magical beyond belief, and we instantly felt a drive within ourselves to help this community. We saw the kids lost something — their purity. They lost it to the hostile world around them that labeled them unneeded and difficult. We sought to destroy this label within the kids, and allow them a childhood as well. Through our small skill-development program and environmental system, we hope to not introduce the world tot he kids, but the kids to the world.



Here at GenerasiLuarBiasa, we believe that the appreciation and encouragement of the autistic community in Jakarta is vital to not only the success of the city but to the success of our generation. By integrating the autistic population into our community, our city could thrive even further and transform itself into an accepting and sustainable city for years to come.





Get in touch with generasiluarbiasa.com to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

Jakarta, Indonesia



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