It takes a whole generation. 



Just as underrated and equally beneficial, Moss is a plant that is overlooked and seen under a negative light in the Indonesian community. The idea that this plan only grows in the foulest of circumstances and where bacteria grows is true, but it is actually a signal for clean air, and the presence of an abundance of oxygen and Carbon dioxide. The presence of these unique plants also come in a variety of forms not only the carpet-like substance that emerges on the side of moist tiling and forgotten walls in alleyways.



We believe in skill developing in our project with the kids in the Bhakti Luhur Autism Home. Besides teaching them about the importance of in-home care such as personal hygiene and safety, we decided to host an event where we taught the kids to bake simple butter cookies using a homemade recipe. The kids seemed to truly love it and beyond being excited about learning a new skill, they began to truly trust and interact with us. This proved our theory that small skill developing projects and lessons connected the kids with us, and broke down the communication and "autism" barrier.



To teach the kids the value of hard work and to continue our skill-development program, we decided to create our own homemade design for the Hydroponics. by using recycled materials such as old pipes and plastic cups. By arranging the pipes in a certain horizontal format we allow for a flow of water and fertilizer to maximize the growth. The Hydroponic will later be used by the Bhakti Luhur home to grow local plants such as spinach and spices.



As a gift to our most loyal supporters and the Bhakti Luhur Home, we decided to create an aesthetically pleasing framework of an old technique of wedging dried plants and covered in an amount of resin (a liquid form of plastic). This project was an artistic endeavor started by our very own Stephanie Lee after coming across this design on an environmentally friendly local interior designer's past projects.



After light research and a distinct affinity for the environment, we decided that to best press on the idea of taking care of the environment upon the kids, we needed to allow the kids to see the planting progress for themselves. As we planted we began to see the kids truly begin caring for the little seeds as if they were treasure, and the nurses and caretakers also explained that this activity was new and intriguing to them after we have left. To look more into this activity please check out our 'Gallery' page.



In a whimsical turn of events, GLB has partnered with the startup company "AMANDE" — a producer of homemade organic almond milk — to both spread awareness on the topic of mental health AND to press the importance of a healthy lifestyle. AMANDE produces only the freshest of produce by using organic and/or self-procured ingredients. From the almond milk sales, our small group has successfully obtained a total sales revenue of


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